The Terry de Havilland brand dates back over 50 years and was started by bespoke shoemaker Terry de Havilland in London’s East end. When the editor of Queen magazine, Annie Treherne, featured his shoes in her magazine in the late 60’s they were an instant hit. Today  Terry de Havilland shoes are worn by some of the worlds most fashionable women. Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Lara Stone, and Rita Ora to name just a few.

Many of the designs from the 70’s are in design museums around the world. The most famous is the iconic Margaux wedge, designed in 1973, it is a design classic that is still in the collection today. In 2011 Terry de Havilland was given a Lifetime Achievement award by the fashion industry, now nearly 80, he left the business at the start of 2015

Today Terry de Havilland is stocked in some of the worlds best luxury store’s and the brand continues to grow into new international markets.